Kristen Naranjo
  What inspires you to get up in the morning?   This might sound ridiculous, but after being a bartender for a decade I am suddenly awake at 7am and LOVING the mornings. It feels like I’ve been in bed with the universe and we open our eyes together. In reality, I am finally waking up to my husband who has a 9-5 and probably thinks I’m ridiculous for being so stoked to finally be a morning person! But at least he has someone to drink coffee with now in the mornings besides our cats.   How and where do you find that inspiration throughout your day, and what has that inspiration compelled you to do in your life?    I am never lacking inspiration; I find that in many things. I am empowered by my incredibly supportive (and rational) husband who encourages and embraces my wild side and loves me for all of my daydreaming ways. I am a kite and he is my string.
  What challenges have you met in chasing that inspiration?   In my mind, anything is possible. In reality, there is a mortgage to pay and I can’t eat hamburgers and ice cream everyday. I think the challenge of making your dreams a reality is very delicate and worth taking risks to achieve.   Who do you have a girl crush on (you don’t have to know her, she doesn’t even have to be alive)?   My late mother first and foremost. But I must give much credit to the collective of all my fabulous girlfriends and my sister as women I admire. They are all faceted and courageous, and inspire me to be true to myself, to be compassionate towards others and to allow myself to be creative and loved .
  Who/what is your “spirit animal” (who or what exhibits something you would like to embody? This could reflect the person you are today, or the person you might hope to grow into).   The Albatross. I love sea birds and the Fleetwood Mac song is one of my favorites. And I love flying, and used to be a Flight Attendant.      What’s a fantastic piece of advice you have been given in your life, and who gave it to you?   Dare to dream. My mother.
  What are you listening to on your ipod/car stereo/transistor radio right now?   Been listening to Chelsea Wolfe, getting excited to tour with King Dude. Other summer jams - reggae/rasta vibes, Trinidad James “All Gold Everything”, Big Deal, Slow Magic. Yeah all thats been on heavy rotation.
  Tell me something pretty. A quote, a lyric, whatever it is that inspires you.   The Alt-J lyric ‘- Like all good fruit the balance of life is in the ripe and ruin’  is a totally rad philosophy.
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