How did you come to do what you do?     I was just kind of drifting around working in an art supply store and I had discovered Juxtapose magazine. I fell in love with what I was looking at and sort of abruptly decided to start a gallery so we could have it in Seattle. A TON of strange synchronicities   happened and within two months I was opening a space.     When you’re having a bad day/week/month, how do you harness inspiration and keep creating?     The truth is don’t create during those times. I allow myself to “gather input”. That’s the time I do a lot of walking or observing people or my own reactions more intensely so when it is time to be creative I have a new wellspring of new thought to draw from.
   What do you love about yourself?     I lead (what I think is) the coolest, funnest life of anyone I know, and I created that life myself.     What don’t you love about yourself?     I think I can be a bit self involved sometimes. I can be very self critical and doubtful of myself, and when I’m feeling insecure about myself I have less charitable thoughts towards others.
   Talk about an instance that made you feel vulnerable:     I have a few of those moments every day. I do now know what I’m doing in certain areas, but I also subscribe to the notion that we are all these fragile beings just trying to figure things out and not get crushed by life.      Name one woman you have a girl crush on:    Well, SO many. But Dame Daphne Sheldrick… she started the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya that rescues orphaned elephants. She came up with a formula to keep baby elephants alive, not just the milk formula – but the type of love and attention they need to keep from dying from grief. She and her organization are responsible for so much love and good being put back into the world.
   What’s a meaningful piece of advice you have been given, and who gave it to you?    I’m not sure it’s “advice”, but my Dad would question ‘Who’s to stop me?’ often, usually when he was parking illegally or something… it was often said sort of jokingly, but it kind of stuck. All the things I’ve accomplished I had no recipe for or background in. Starting a gallery, creating a book, becoming a writer and editor at a national art magazine… I didn’t study or know how to do any of it. I just decided I was going to try and I’d remember those words “Who’s to stop me?”. I even have it tattooed on my arm.    At what age did you feel most uncomfortable in your own skin?     Probably 12. I was a very shy, unhappy girl. I thought I was ugly and completely socially hopeless. I felt like good things, exciting lives were for other people, not me, even though that is what I wanted. I didn’t even like my own name at the time – because I associated it with the girl who got made fun of.
  What advice would you share with that former self?   Oh my god, looking back I see I was such a dorkishly cute, true hearted kid. I’d tell that girl that all those nights alone dreaming would forge her into someone thoughtful and deep an that would be such a well to draw from in the future. All those lonely hours spent drawing and looking at art and subcultural weirdness would pay off big time. And that the name she hated would become social currency in certain circles. Unbelievable! 
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