Hilary Folks
  What do you do for a living, and how did you find yourself there?   I’m a fashion stylist, a cool hunter, a creator of characters. I fell into styling as a favor to a super rad producer girlfriend in LA, and found that not only did I love it, but I was pretty ok at it too, I had a super supportive partner at the time that kept the home fires burning while I discovered my passion and turned it into my career, and to him I’m eternally grateful.   More importantly, what do you do that you love, and how did you find yourself there?   I love my job, it’s fun it’s rewarding, and it’s tangible, I can see my accomplishments and progress in my career, but what I love most about it is creating an idea, an image of a person, creating a human character based on people I’ve seen in real life.
  What inspires you to get up in the morning/stay up late into the night?   Coffee, sunlight, my dog, and the world outside my door… My friends would say I need to work on being still, being quiet, finding joy in solitude, but I’ve always thrived on human interaction so I wake up each day to be with people.  The first thing I do is go to my neighborhood coffee shop to be surrounded by life.  I talk to everyone, and every dog. The only time I stay up late is when I’m engrossed in updating my music catalog over a glass of red wine. Even then I’m in bed by 1. I’m a total morning person.    How and where do you find inspiration throughout your day, and what has that inspiration compelled you to do in your life?   You know what I really really really love? The old pictures you find in antique stores. I find it strange that people discard their history like that. I have a huge collection of other people’s family photos. I very clearly don’t style people like those photographs, but I daydream about the people in the photos pretty heartily.
  Do you have a specific space that helps you feel inspired? What does it look and feel like?   As much as I love my home and strive to make it my haven, I’m very rarely there. I spend the majority of my time on the street. Watching people. In a totally non-creepy way.   Who do you have a girl crush on (you don’t have to know her, she doesn’t even have to be alive)?   Maureen Doreen Cambridge, I met her through my ex and she’s amazing in more ways than I have dance moves. She’s a clothing designer by trade, but is an artist by nature, an art lover, a knower of all things awesome, and all things not awesome, she’s so funny I can barely stand it, incredibly loyal, and smart, and snarky, and shockingly beautiful in a super badass kinda way.
  What’s a fantastic piece of advice you have been given in your life, and who gave it to you?    “Always wipe front to back” and “don’t be afraid” (which have everything and nothing to do with one another).
  What do you love most about being a woman?   Getting a bikini wax.  It’s really just the very best feeling in the world.
  What challenges have you encountered in your life that are linked to your gender?   I’m loud, outspoken, and tall, I feel like nothing about me is supposed to be “allowed” from a woman. I frequently feel that WHO I naturally am is not deemed “natural” for a woman at all.  I’m not alone in this feeling however, in that all of the women I surround myself with are fairly strong independent women, thus we’re often in a power struggle with our male counterparts…Let me be clear, there will be no fainting daisies allowed in my friend circles.
  Ok-super-quickly-without-hesitating-write-down-the-first-five-words-that-come-into-your-mind.   Take me with you, I’m desperate.    Wow that seemed very deeply rooted in something, I’m not going to change those 5 words to something less scary but I’m sure going to have a good “think” about them later tonight.
  Tell me something pretty. A quote, a lyric, whatever it is that inspires you.    First the tide rushes in Plants a kiss on the shore Then it rolls out to sea And the sea is very still once more.    Do you have a website or blog that you would like to share?    www.hilaryfolks.com
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