Alicia Amiri
  What inspires you to get up in the morning?   I’m really not a morning person, but what makes me stay up all night?  Working on projects that I become fixated on, having interesting conversations with friends, eating good food and drinking good wine, spending time with attractive men and having new experiences.   How and where do you find inspiration throughout your day, and what has that inspiration compelled you to do in your life?    I’m inspired by so many artists and thinkers; it’s endless. Many of my friends are insanely talented artists and it’s so fun to collaborate with them and just to watch their different work processes. My primary goal in life is to create work that I am proud of, that can add to humanity in a beneficial way, and also to make the most of the range of human experience that we can.
  Who do you have a girl crush on?   What women do I admire? There are lots of musicians and business owners and writers that I look up to. I admire women who make great works that have nothing to do with them being “attractive”. To make it simple I’ll just say Virginia Woolf.   If you had the opportunity to ask her anything, what would it be?   I’d ask her if she wanted a drink.   What is your “spirit animal”?   I like cats, I like semi precious stones, I like oysters, I like PJ Harvey, I like red wine and good scotch and I like the color black. All these things I aspire to.
  What are you listening to on your ipod/car stereo/transistor radio right now?   I listen to music all day everyday. That question is insane to me.   Who is the person in your life that helps fuel love and creativity, and how does he or she do so?   There will never be just one person. All of my close friends are the most talented, intelligent, hilarious people I could imagine meeting. My friends are all huge inspirations to me creatively and otherwise.
  What do you have in your pockets right now?   No pockets in these fitted jeans girl! I always carry a purse. Phone, wallet, keys, ear plugs, weed, makeup bag, change, business cards.   What challenges have you encountered in your life that are linked to your gender?   I’ve heard over and over that I’m a bitch; that I come across as too blunt and too harsh. Partially, I am naturally extroverted, but partially I have learned that when you deal with men that you’re first meeting, you need to establish power immediately. Women are called either bitches or dumb pushovers, I’m completely uninterested in having people get power over me, so yeah, I get called a bitch.   Do you consider yourself a feminist, and how do you define what that means?   Fuck yes I’m a feminist. I think that woman are as smart and as able to do anything as men.
  Tell me something pretty. A quote, a lyric, whatever it is that inspires you.   “You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.”  – Franz Kafka
  Do you have a website or blog that you would like to share?   Check this out, it’s a French music blog that’s rad.    Tell me about the first time you performed on stage on front of actual human beings. How did you feel?    I started playing in youth orchestras on viola in 5th grade, about 10 years old. I loved it. I always wanted to be a drummer and didn’t quite fit in the orchestra vibe, but I ended up playing viola in orchestras for 7 more years. When I was even younger than 10 I did competitive karate and used to perform Katas for tournaments in front of formal judges. I’ve always loved performing, it’s one of my favorite ways to get high.
  Now tell me about the first time you sung in front of humans.    I sang at my first open mic when I was in college at Western. I started hanging out with lots of musicians and got really inspired to try to write songs. I wanted to make music too, not just watch other people I admired do it anymore. I had been going to a ton of shows since I was a kid. The first time was pretty frightening. I was shaking so bad that I could barely play guitar, but I did it and never played that song again, just kept writing new ones.    What is going through your mind when you perform?   Honestly, not much is going through my mind on stage. It’s one of the most present experiences I ever have, besides having sex I guess. I really stop thinking about anything and fully engage in that brief experience. 
  Do you remember the first CD/casette you ever bought with your own money?   Yep. I bought 2 Cure albums from a library sale when I was about 12; “Wish” and “Head On The Door”. My father told me that I’d probably like that band, which is kinda crazy cause he barely listens to music, but he was totally right. The Cure is still one of my favorite bands. Shortly after I bought Nirvana’s “Nevermind”, REM “Automatic For The People” and Weezer’s Blue Album. It was game over for me after that. I could barely focus on anything else besides music and started hunting for bands.    What is your favorite word and what does it mean to you?   OBLIVION. Everything we think we know and everything we think is important will be completely forgotten until it returns to Nothingness.    How do you center yourself?   I get down with some Buddhist mindfulness shit; I focus on my breathing and bring my consciousness to the present state of human existence. I also talk a lot with my rad friends and they give me insights about myself that could have overlooked. 
  Are you excited about any local music right now?   Yes, very much so. If I didn’t love the music in Seattle so hard, I probably wouldn’t still be living here. There are so many, many bands that I love that it seems absurd to try list them, but here’s a few.   Haunted Horses, Deadkill, MNTS, The Tempers, The Cave Singers, 18 Eyes, Helms Alee, Trash Fire, Crypts, Transmissionary, Iska Dhaff, ZooLab, Dust Moth, Duke Evers, & Yet, Damien Jurado, Noah Gundersen, Dave Bazan, Black Breath, The Flavr Blue, OC Notes, Vox Mod, Shabazz Palaces, My Goodness, Metal Chocolates, Blicky, Night Cadet, King Dude, Ononos, WishBeard, Ephrata, Monogamy Party, Nacho Picasso, The Country Lips, Slow Bird, He Who’s Ox Is Gored, Pearl Jam.    Ok-super-quickly-without-hesitating-write-down-the-first-five-words-that-come-into-your-mind.   Fuck The Man Hail Satan
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